Our Bakery

The goal: super fresh-baked, sourdough bread and croissants handed to you while they are still hot from the oven.


We're doing things differently – baking the whole time we're open – Not just once a day. Is it harder? Oh yeah! We do it to give you bread and croissants that are so fresh and buttery feel like this:

"I don't know where you learned how to bake or who taught you. I am just thankful that you DO bake! JB, those were the best croissants I have ever tasted. In my life! The best."


Is Jeffrey crazy to launch a business during COVID?Maybe! Jeffrey pivoted the studio kitchen into the East Village's spot to get hot bread and croissants.  Come see us, it's a pretty inspiring space, and the bread.....you decide. 




For the sourdough, we start with Utah hard red winter wheat, freshly ground at Central Milling. Bring it to life with a sourdough starter that was born and raised in San Diego. Add a pinch of salt. 3 ingredients. No B.S.


We're baking the whole time we're open. We've been training our sourdough starter to be stronger longer. Controlling the temperature of the dough, so it's not all ready to bake at once. It's a wild ride for the dough, once it's mixed, we hold it at near freezing, then, warm it up to proof (expand) and then cool it off again to wait for the bake at 3p, 4p, 5p. 

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We launched in the middle of COVID with a desire to build community in the East Village during a tricky time. We started lowering hot sourdough and croissants from a three-story window. We're humbled by the community support and attention from the news media. But in the end, we make these bread and pastries for you, our customers. Enjoy.


Los Angeles Times

San Diego Union-Tribune 

San Diego Reader


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Our team is the heart of IZOLA. From the front of the house, to the back of the house, to our dough czars -rolling croissants in the dough-jo, we wouldn't be able to bring San Diego's best sourdough and croissants to our community without them.

Are you looking to join a team of passionate, hard-working individuals that are driven to change the way Americans experience sourdough and croissants? 

Traits we value: A strong work ethic, a well-developed sense of self-awareness, integrity, kindness, optimism, and empathy.


We also offer training for people from challenging backgrounds who have a passion for food. Justice: Economic, Racial, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Environmental, we're practicing it. 

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