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feedback, precision and focus.....

THE MAKING OF.... At IZOLA, we specialize in just two things - croissants, sourdough bread and community (Oops! that's three). We want to serve food Jenny and I absolutely love. Why? We're passionate about creating memorable experiences. From that 1st crispy bite of our Blackberry Croissant to the way the light falls across the tables, to the perfect serrated knife and cutting board combo to delve into a croissant without smushing it. Every detail considered (both for guest experience and our justice goals), implemented, trained and refined. In a loop of incremental improvement, empowering feedback, precision, and focus. The striking Blackberry Chocolate Croissant resulted from 18 different trials. We tested different amounts of blackberry, and different cooking methods and recipes to get just the amount of punch in the house-made blackberry jam. We taste-tested different amounts of chocolate and explored different finishing methods. In the end, we landed on a house-made blackberry compote accented with bright, fresh lemon zest, a light touch of Valrhona dark chocolate, and a simple syrup glaze for a little sweetness and crunch. Pre-orders are open now. We also hold half of our inventory each day for walk-ins, so pre-orders aren't required - you can just pop on by. Have a pre-order and in a hurry? No problem! Double park downstairs and call us at (619) 289-8358, we'll run your order down to you with a smile. We call it IZOLA DRIVE-BY.

BYOB! Hey folks! Important update for ya - temporarily no hot coffee drinks at the bakeshop as we work through a permitting matter. Heartbreaking.....Sorry! We will have bottled iced coffees and drinks available. We’re working on bringing the coffee cart back as soon as we can! Until then, it’s BYOB....Thank you for your grace and support!

WE ARE EXPANDING! Did you know that you can become an investor and join us on this crazywonderfulscaryfunhumanexhilarating journey called IZOLA? We aim to change the way America thinks about croissants and sourdough. The IZOLA way. Hot from the oven, great hospitality, amazing quality. Justice. And we are building the infrastructure to do that. Building the factory of the future. Creating careers. Improving the quality of our bread and croissants. Planning to open 12 IZOLAs in SoCal. Hard? Yes. But so exciting to invest in American manufacturing and in our community. Believe in what we do? Join us. Want to talk about it face-to-face with us? Yay! Jenny and I are hosting a conversation next Tuesday, July 11 at 3p via Google meet. RSVP and drop by for a minute and say hi or stay the whole time. It's a fun time and super casual. We'll share with you where we've been, our plans for the future, and why we are raising over $3M in the next year. Never invested before? Not to worry! It's super simple. Can't make the call? Email Jenny and tell her what days and times are most convenient for you - we'll be scheduling more conversations and would love for you to be a part of it! *Please only invest an amount you would feel comfortable losing. Investing in private businesses involves risk. Though potential returns are designed to reflect that risk, there is a possibility that you will lose your entire investment.

IZOLA MUSIC SATURDAY Every Saturday IZOLA hosts live music - come see how diverse and talented our San Diego community is. We post our full musical line-up every Friday night on Instagram - follow us here!


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