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We're open and baking every Wednesday - Friday from noon-6p and Saturday 8a-2p.







Our Bakery

The IZOLA team (Jenny, Spencer, Riki and JB) is deeply committed to creating delight and fellowship for our customers. Hot from the oven small-batch croissants, wild sourdough and the decadent ugly bits.


We're doing things differently – baking the whole time we're open, organic ingredients whenever possible, respect for all.


Is it harder? Oh yeah! We do it to give you croissants that are hot and buttery that you feel like this:

"I don't know where you learned how to bake or who taught you. I am just thankful that you DO bake! JB, those were the best croissants I have ever tasted. In my life! The best."



Where are we


Thank you friends of IZOLA. We are grateful for all your good-natured support and fellowship. It's been a wild ride as we've worked to make loaves of wild sourdough and croissants for everyone who wants one.  

In recent weeks, we've deepened our commitment to organic ingredients,  improved our order fulfillment workflow, and created additional baking capacity. All guided by our North star: delight, and fellowship for you. 

We are hidden in the loft above STUDIO710, a historic photo studio in a converted turn-of-the-century sewing factory.

Please pre-order or you can stop by on bake days to pick up your hot bread, meet us, and check out our space. (Note, many days we sell out.) 

I appreciate connecting with each and every one of you, hearing the crunch of crispy croissants, seeing the smiles. It has been a balm during these trying times. 

- Jeffrey