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Jenny and Jeffrey were traveling in France when COVID hit. Arriving home, life felt scary....strange, isolated.  

Jenny + JB's response to this new reality is IZOLA – a tiny bakery perched in the loft above a photo studio – with the dual mission of joy and justice.


Joy? How do we get there? No professional cooking experience, they knew they wanted every croissant and loaf of sourdough to be created from the best ingredients, made with love, and delivered to the customer hot from the oven. So with this simple idea, Jenny and Jeffrey started to bake, and on IZOLA's first day, June 10, 2020, they lowered 12 croissants out the window in a basket. From that day until now we have been lifted by the grace of so many people. 

And today, the IZOLA team, is diverse and strong. We amplify the voices of the marginalized. Hundreds of guests visit each week and we are blessed to call many of them our friends. 


See you at the bakeshop.

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Video Credit: Alexandra "Sasha" Milovanova (thank you so much Sasha!)




We're baking the whole time we're open to bring you the rarest of pastries: a croissant or loaf of sourdough hot from the oven. 


IZOLA Sourdough is super clean.  4 ingredients: Organic Flour, Water, Salt and IZOLA sourdough leaven + lots of love. (I guess that's 5 if you count the love)


IZOLA Croissants: These are amazing architectural creations. 96 layers of butter in one of our croissants. We start with the best ingredients we can find. Organic flour, butter from Normandy, organic eggs + sugar, grass fed milk. 

And we carefully control the temperature of the butter and dough as we go from a single layer of butter to 96 layers of butter in a single IZOLA croissant. 

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We launched in the middle of COVID with a desire to build community in the East Village during a tricky time. We started lowering hot sourdough and croissants from a three-story window. We're humbled by the community support and attention from the news media. But in the end, we make these bread and pastries for you, our customers. Enjoy.

IZOLA Named the #1 Bakery in the US (FOX5)

Best of San Diego (San Diego Magazine)

IZOLA Bakery in East Village Racks Up Another National Honor (San Diego Union Tribune)

Croissant Day Coverage Calls Out IZOLA As "One of America's Best" (New York Times)

IZOLA Bakery is On a Mission to Build a Cathedral of Bread (San Diego Magazine)

Happy Half Hour Podcast


San Diego Bakery’s Warm Bread is Coming Right Down, By Basket (LA TimesSan Diego Union Tribune)

IZOLA Lowers a Breadbasket in East Village (San Diego Reader)

The Unburdened Leader Podcast

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Our team is the heart of IZOLA. From the front of house, to our dough czars rolling croissants in the Dojo, we wouldn't be able to bring San Diego's best sourdough and croissants to our community without them.

Are you looking to join a team of passionate, hard-working individuals that are driven to change the way Americans experience sourdough and croissants? 

Traits we value: Kindness and empathy, optimism, hustle, work ethic & integrity.


Justice: Economic, Racial, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Environmental, we're practicing it. 


Join The Team
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