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🔥 Bake day tomorrow 🔥 Hot from the oven at noon🔥 Look at these layers in our bake test today with Central Milling ABC+ Flour …woot. The IZOLA team is so committed to making great pastries, it's humbling. Testing new flour, small changes to workflow, temperature, handling, all to create a memorable croissant. Simple, but not easy. Come by the work or play...we'll feed ya. It's an inspiring space with huge windows, high ceilings and lots of great smells. Dine-In. To-Go. Delivery PreOrder Now

PEACH UGLY BITS A few left for this week....Slices of juicy ripe peach. Love em! Harvest Apple will be back soon. Thanks everyone for making the quick switch with me... UGLIES! LIVE MUSIC SATURDAY AT IZOLA This Saturday is shaping up nicely at IZOLA, live music at 11a & 1p. Join us to listen, play or both. And we still have room for a couple more artists at 8a, 9a + 10a. Music, dance, spoken word, drama, email me for more info. Harmonica John Frazer 11am Saturday Classic Rock, Blues, Marley, and Motown. Plus some fun original tunes. Rhythm guitar, lead harmonica and soulful singing. Riki Mistry 1p Saturday IZOLA's own @rkm.rkm.rkm.rkm will take the main stage to preview his new album, Shower Beer Saturday, which drops on 10/2. Chill and powerful...don't miss it.

KITCHENS FOR GOOD Looking for reliable, skilled, and driven culinary pros for your team? Consider a Kitchens For Good Apprentice. Jenny and I had the pleasure of lunching at the apprentice run cafe (12 Stars) on Friday. The passion and commitment really showed. We’re offering an apprenticeship at IZOLA. To learn more about becoming an employer partner with Kitchen For Good: Kathie Landis - 710 13TH ST STE 300 619-227-2701 Share on social Visit IZOLA Online You've received this email because you are a subscriber of this site.If you feel you received it by mistake or wish to unsubscribe, please click here.

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SOURDOUGH IS ON FIRE THIS WEEK Kent and Larry rocked the sourdough for tomorrow. Great job guys. All 4 flavors: WILD, CRAN, OLIVE & GARLIC (garlic just sold out for tomorrow...sorry). Tall, look at that height + broad shoulders with a chewy crust. Open crumb. Our starter is rocking, we started building our production leaven at 1:1:1, only 2 hours before we mix our dough. It's lively, sweet and strong. We're happy to share if you'd like some, please bring a little jar and ask at the bakeshop counter. SOURDOUGH

APPLE UGLY BITS ARE BACK! A few left for tomorrow....Slices of Fuji Apple, piled high with our signature croissant dough (made with French butter, Grass-Fed Milk, Free range eggs), organic dark brown sugar, cinnamon.....Yum. UGLIES! LIVE MUSIC SATURDAY AT IZOLA It's going to be a big day at IZOLA on Saturday, 4 sets of live music. 8:30a, 10a, 11a, 12a. Join Us! TYLER NEUENSWANDER 8:30a + 11a We're excited to welcome Tyler, a multi-genre singer who works in classical and ambient to IZOLA this Saturday (9/25). If you dig amazing voices, don't miss it. JAZZ INC SATURDAYS 10a + noon High energy Jazz + Funk. Passion on the main stage at IZOLA.

Tahitian Vanilla Knot a sensual and luxurious braided croissant with Tahitian vanilla steeped into the milk. Enrobed in a vanilla-scented glaze. Amazing with a hot potion or cappuccino. Order Up! 710 13TH ST STE 300 619-227-2701 Share on social Visit IZOLA Online You've received this email because you are a subscriber of this site.If you feel you received it by mistake or wish to unsubscribe, please click here.

TOMORROW'S A BAKE DAY! I love the night before our bake week begins. We started the dough on Sunday evening and now it's ready to go. Everyone has gone home and it's quiet at IZOLA as the mid-autumn harvest moon rises over the city. The proofer is loaded, the sourdough cold-fermenting in baskets. I feel a few pre-game jitters mixed with the excitement of turning organic flour, wild yeast, grass fed milk, whole olives and nuts, apples, Valrhona chocolate into hot sourdough + croissants that bring joy. Let's spread the joy and civility one smile at a time. We're open Weds-Fri (noon-6p), Saturday 8a-2p. To go. Dine in. Delivery. Gift Cards.


JAZZ INC SATURDAYS 10a + noon - two sets We're thrilled to announce that Jazz Inc will be taking up residency at IZOLA, playing every other Saturday....twice a month....woot! These guys bring the passion to jazz, funk and hip hop. Don't miss em!

NEW OVEN IZOLA's new oven is almost done being built. It's shipping on air! We're super excited to be collaborating with SALVA, amazing ovens, great people, in San Sebastian, Spain. Stone decks, steam injection, we'll be able to bake 5X more sourdough......woot! Pizza night anyone?

IZOLA PANTRY Want to bake with the same ingredients we do? d'Isigny butter from Normandy. Fresh Yeast. Visit our PANTRY store.  Order Now

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