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Betcha Can't Guess...


Jenny and I are flying high! We just returned from an epic discovery trip to the Netherlands where we worked all week with the expert team at Rademaker, a leader in food production equipment. Thank you Arjen, Herman, Franz, Bert and the whole Rademaker Team. We were there to explore whether their equipment could possibly produce croissants and sourdough that are the same (and better) quality than our current handmade methods.


While I wish we had smell-o-vision (and taste-o-vision!), a picture will have to suffice for now. Which of the above do you think is the authentic IZOLA croissant vs. the croissants made on Rademaker's line?

Drumroll please....


ALL of them were produced on the line!


We're super stoked by these initial results. Though we and the Rademaker team still have a lot to nuance before we'll know if this is the best fit for IZOLA, and there are a couple of other manufacturers in the same space that we're also exploring.


If we're able to bring in a food production line, it really opens up quite a few avenues for us:



We'll be able to increase our production to a whole other sphere - meaning no more selling out, making it easier to just pop by whenever you want for a croissant or some sourdough.




Our team will be able to work much more productively which will allow us to hopefully lower prices and increase wages in the long term. We're already a Living Wage Certified company, but it's not enough, especially here in San Diego.



We'll be able to accelerate our growth into IZOLA Bake at Home - imagine croissants shipped directly to your home for you to enjoy hot-from-the-oven croissants in your jammies! Or pick up a Wild Sourdough during your weekly grocery store run that you can just pop in your home oven.


This all becomes possible with a production line.


But, this equipment doesn't come cheap, in fact it costs more than the land we bought for IZOLA Main and that is why we will continue with our equity raise, which will be re-opening soon! Join Jenny and me this Saturday from 3-4:30p PST where we'll meet you online and share with you what our equity raise is all about, progress on IZOLA Main, Croissant Automation and answer any questions you might have.


Register below, or sign up to get added to our Investor Interest list to be the first to hear when we re-open our equity raise.


Amsterdam Fun

Jenny and I took a day off to bike around Amsterdam, thrift shop and eat, eat, eat. We love the Netherlands, great design, cool people, amazing technology and in the little town of Woerden, great food. A shout out to Jeff and the entire IZOLA Team for crushing it while we were gone.



Pre-orders are open for the week, including for our Tahitian Vanilla Knot. Made from croissant dough infused with Tahitian Vanilla Beans, then enrobed in a Tahitian vanilla-scented glaze, our Tahitian Vanilla Knots are a IZOLA favorite.


 Have a pre-order? Can't find a parking spot? No problem. Double park downstairs and call us at (619) 289-8358, we'll run your order down to you. We call it IZOLA DRIVE-BY.



Every Saturday IZOLA hosts live music - come see how diverse and talented our San Diego community is! Here are just a few of the performers who will be by...


Sat 8-9a


From classical piano and choir roots, to more recently playing folk covers at local venues and in the San Diego open mic circuit, Ian is now working on releasing his own music and collaborating with local artists on original work. His music is influenced by soulful 70s ballads, his past relationships, self-help books, and the color orange.


Sat 9-10a


Malachi McNeill is a singer/songwriter originally from New York City. Owning all of the lyrical responsibilities, his music and arrangements are collaborated on by a variety of musicians from different parts of the country. His debut album “Going, Going,” is available on all streaming platforms.


Sat 10-11a


Miro Imani is a guitarist, singer songwriter, and producer local to San Diego, who just likes to perform and connect with people.


Sat 11a-12p


Mystique, who also goes by Rebeca, is a lover of eclectic genres with her musical background ranging from ecstatic dance to melodic techno. She plays high vibrational beats that tease the soul to awaken. Join us as Mystique mixes up a cozy, dreamy downtempo set with some organic house, electronica and funky tunes.



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