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Build IZOLA's Future With Us...



The building behind Jenny and me above is the future home of IZOLA Main. We took this photo right after closing on the property. We might be looking a little tired after investing 6 months of effort to make it happen, but we were (and still are) so stoked about what this building means for the future of IZOLA.


What does the next stage of IZOLA look like? Increased production (up to 20x) so that we have your favorites coming hot from the oven all day long. Increased distribution channels like an IZOLA Bake Truck at a farmer's market near you. Or what about IZOLA Bake at Home via UPS Mail for the Orange County and Los Angeles fans out there?

We are currently offering equity investment in IZOLA so that the community can join in and help take IZOLA to the next level. Join our 275 investors who have already become owners in IZOLA alongside Jenny and me.


Round 2 of our investment campaign is only open for another TWO days, closing January 31st. If you haven’t already, check it out and learn how you could become an owner via our equity offering: INVEST IN IZOLA.


  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to me at or 619-227-2701.



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