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What do you get when you laminate 96 layers of Normandy butter into our croissant dough? Yum! Yum! Yum! A lacey honeycomb filled with air and love. When we bake it, the moisture in the butter in each of those 96 layers is turned to steam, creating these delicious, airy pockets.


Some are surprised by how large our croissants are ("so American!") and others ask us to make smaller croissants. (Psst, some smaller, much much smaller croissants are coming at IZOLA Main.) But as with most things at IZOLA, the size is very intentional. It provides the perfect ratio of shatteringly crisp outside and pillowy inside. We love it!

Baseball season is upon us with the Padres opening series happening this week. Thursday and Sunday are day games. Remember, if you have a pre-order and can't find a parking spot, no problem! Double park downstairs and call us at (619) 289-8358, we'll run your order down to you. We call it IZOLA DRIVE-BY.




Congrats to Beau, our newest Sourdough and Bake team member! Beau joined the IZOLA team as a Front of House member but quickly became smitten with what he saw going on in the kitchen. Through his dedication, determination and A LOT of hard work, he is now an official member of our Sourdough and Bake team. And that means we now have an opening to fill his Front of House position.


I'll be super straightforward with ya - it is not easy working at IZOLA or for us. Every single job here is hard, we will push your limits each and every day. We'll give you honest feedback and lots of training. We're looking for folks who are passionate about what we're trying to create here and are excited by the future. We prioritize hiring from within because we want to create opportunity and careers for our team, but it's also because we've crafted each position at IZOLA to be teachable. No prior experience needed.


As a member of the Front of House team, you'll get to serve the coolest, kindest guests ever. Smiles and joy abound. But there are also those stairs - the stairs to our back of house and kitchen that you'll be going up and down at least 50 times a day. There's the dishes we hand wash to keep one-time use trash out of our landfills. There's the constant tracking of inventory as croissants and sourdough enter and leave our ovens. There are the times when you have to break the bad news that we've sold out for the day. But at the end of the day, I think we're building something pretty neat. If you do too, apply here and leave a note that you heard about the position through our newsletter!




While we're on the subject of hiring - we're also hiring for a Structural Engineer. Specifically, someone with commercial experience in steel structures. We are getting so close to submitting our plans to the city for IZOLA Main, our new Dough Innovation Center in City Heights, but first must find the right structural engineer. Are you that special someone? Or do you know of someone who might know someone, please forward this on!


Just as we mentioned above - being a part of the IZOLA team is not easy. The project is demanding, we are pushing boundaries. But we are also creating something that's never been done before - come be a part of it! Email me at



IZOLA Main is picking up steam. The design is locked (Great job Heleo Architecture team), we're traveling around the world testing our recipes on production equipment, Jenny and I are leading a team of Architects, Engineers, Programmers, Builders, Bakers and Dreamers. In short, building the IZOLA of the future: it's productive, efficient and just. Creating 20 careers in City Heights, removing 25,000 pounds of paper from the waste stream, increasing our croissant production 10x, and many, many other benefits to our community.


And that my friends takes capital, lots of it, almost 7.5 million in total. In this equity offering, we endeavor to raise 3.9 million. And like any big task we do, we're going to break it up into doable sections. 4 of them to be exact. So we will "rolling close" on June 1, Sept 1, Dec 1, and March 1, 2024. With a goal of $975,000 on each rolling close date.


If you have questions or are interested in learning more about becoming an owner in IZOLA, Jenny and I are hosting an online investor conversation this Saturday where we'll share with you our plans for the next several years. Register below to join us via Google Meet in the comfort of your own home. We're ecstatic that we've already raised over $1M to date, but it's not enough. Find out why! Register Now



Every Saturday IZOLA hosts live music - come see how diverse and talented our San Diego community is! Here are just a few of the folks that will be by. We publish the full schedule every Friday night in our Instagram Story. Head on over there and follow us now!


Sat 8-9a


Emerging from the elite San Diego music scene in California, San Diego Music Award winner Kahlil Nash is a Funk/Rock and R&B recording artist/producer who is a multi-instrumentalist. Influenced by artists Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, and Prince, Kahlil Nash thrives to entertain his audience.


Sat 10-11a


Leatea (San Diego native Dylann Jelden) has been a musician all her life, beginning with classical violin at age 4. She began writing songs and incorporating guitar in high school. She performs regularly in San Diego.


Sat 11a-12p


Jaden is an independent artist from San Diego! He loves to sing, act, write, and play guitar. Studying theatre and music at USD, Jaden has a deep passion for storytelling, allowing all genres of music to inspire himself and others. Namely Neo soul, jazz, indie, rock, hip-hop, Reggae and R&B.


Sart 12-1p

Danielle Angeloni is a vocalist, songwriter, producer, & music therapist.



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