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Harmonica John Frazer 8am Classic Rock, Blues, Marley, and Motown. Plus some fun original tunes. Rhythm guitar, lead harmonica and soulful singing

TWINNE 11 am. Twinne is a singer-songwriter living in Southern California. Introspective and raw, her stripped-down indie sound is rooted in her love of lyricism, drawing inspiration from diverse sources ranging from country to hip-hop. Twinne is currently working on her first release, gearing up to publish a series of singles leading up to her first EP.

JAZZ INC. 10a + Noon. We love em. You love em. IZOLA Welcomes JAZZ INC. back on Saturday (11th) for two sets. Jazz + Funk + Hip Hop. Great energy, don't miss 'em. My offer still stands, a free croissant for the best dancer. Don't be shy!


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