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Order up! Our menu for this week:

Wild Sourdough

Olive Sourdough

Cranberry Sourdough

Traditional Croissants Chocolate Croissants Ugly Bits Tomato Jam Thanksgiving pre-ordering is still open for our full menu. Thank you to all who have already ordered. It's going to be an amazing day. And every order will have a savory little gift from us. We're open Noon-6p on Wednesday, closed Thursday and Friday.

Team member spotlight: Jenny! She rocks from the dough room to the oven, to inventory control....all the way to the dance floor. A huge shout out to my partner and friend. Jennifer Chen. Thank you baby! And when Jenny is not up to her elbows in flour, she's an ace merchandising consultant for the likes of Walmart. Need a hand? Visit


On Wednesday we will be offering a new curbside delivery method, lowering orders from our 3rd story window to the big blue "X" on the street. Adopting a good idea from the old country. Message me if you want to participate in our beta test. Finally..a fun way to socially distance.

Tucked in and ready for the epic Thanksgiving bake!.......


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