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hiiiiii IZOLA familee!! Me am SUPER SAM!!! Foster mama and papa Jenny and Jefry (my new besties!) lemme takeover, whooooopeee! Doin' an educate today - Yummo Turkey Day next week frens. We CLOSED for Turkey Day so Super Sam can snoozey late, eat yummies, cuddle fam, and do zoomies. Get your croysants and sourdoo this weekend - last chance! They go in freezer then make yummy in oven on Turkey Day. Tanks! Now me go zoomies... PRE-ORDER NOW P.S. - Get head start on Giving Tuesday. Me hecka luv Helen Woodward for saving Super Sam. Give moola here.

Hey folks - Jeffrey here, taking the reins back from Super Sam. Thanks buddy! 😉 We gotta talk about prices... It's all over the news, it's happening in every one of our lives...prices continue to increase. The good news is that here in San Diego, the minimum wage goes up $1 in the New Year. Woot! With all of these cost increases, we have increased our prices. At IZOLA everything you eat is handmade, made from the best tasting ingredients we've been able to find. We tested over 15 different butters, over 20 different flours, and tweaked our temperatures and handling techniques hundreds of times to land on our traditional croissant. Our Olive Sourdough is made with whole Castelvetrano and Kalamata olives, whole pecans, freshly zested lemons (not the frozen stuff) - so you get big olive flavor, crunch and a floral punch in every bite. Our Almond Croissant is made with house-made almond meal (toasted and ground in house), pastry cream made with organic milk and eggs, and you get that in every...single...bite. Yes, we could make our sourdough and croissants smaller. We could choose to switch over our milk to something less tasty. But each and every decision we've made in crafting our sourdough and croissants has been made with intention - from the ratio of crust to crumb, the amount of brandy syrup in our Almond Croissants, taking the time to let our croissant dough rest overnight rather than use dough conditioners, and perfecting the ratio of the fluffy honeycomb goodness inside our croissants to the outer crispy shell. We thank you for eating and enjoying the fruits of our teams' labor! They put their heart and soul into their work each and every day.

P.S. - Did you know our entire team shares in the tip pool? When you include a small tip on your order, you're saying thanks to.... The dishwasher who will hand wash over 1500 dishes per shift. An intentional choice to minimize our environmental impact. The Dojo and Sourdough teams who spend their entire shift on their feet lifting hundreds of pounds of dough from our mixers. The bake team who come in at 3a to start proofing and spend the next 8 hours hustling to keep our hot ovens fed as fast as possible so that we can feed as many mouths as possible. Our pantry manager who keeps more than 140 ingredients in stock and the team organized. And of course our front of house team - some who clock over 5 miles a shift going up and down the stairs delivering orders, and others who pack up to 1000 pieces of IZOLA goodness a day. Thank you IZOLA family for showing your appreciation to the team! ❤ IZOLA: FUTURE Love IZOLA, but wish we'd be able to take more pre-orders and wouldn't sell out each day? Help us open up our new production facility! Our new space in City Heights will allow us to increase our production capacity 20x. And there is parking! Our equity offering is open and we've already raised over $610,000 from over 170 individual investors. We are focusing on creating long-term value: investing far in the future, in state-of-the-art equipment from all over the world, in growing and training our team, in developing our own software to supercharge operations and improve our customer experience. Join us in becoming owners of IZOLA. LEARN MORE IZOLA MUSIC SATURDAY Every Saturday IZOLA hosts live music - come see how diverse and talented our San Diego community is! Here are a few of the artists performing this weekend. DOVE AND GORILLA Sat 8-9a Dove & Gorilla is Analise Eastman Hawkins on vocals and Matt Hawkins on guitar. The San Diego duo’s sound is rooted in classic americana and performed for your easy-listening pleasure.  IAN MCNAIR Sat 9-10a From classical piano and choir roots, to more recently playing folk covers at local venues and in the San Diego open mic circuit, Ian is now working on releasing his own music and collaborating with local artists on original work. His music is influenced by soulful 70s ballads, his past relationships, self-help books, and the color orange.  RACHEL JAY Sat 10-11a Rachel Jay is a singer songwriter/producer based in San Diego. Her music gently touches the soul and captivates all who are fortunate enough to experience it.  KYLER J Sat 11a-12p Kyler J is a San Diego based singer songwriter of many genres. As an acoustic songwriter his music is greatly influenced by old time blues, Bob Dylan, and Townes Van Zandt.  EMILY PEI Sat 12-1p Emily Pei is a cover artist from San Diego who enjoys acoustic R&B, funk, pop, and soul. She has been singing her whole life but picked up guitar during the pandemic. She has always had a passion for music and hopes you enjoy her performance. 710 13TH ST STE 300 619-227-2701 Share on social Visit IZOLA Online


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