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Thank You...



Jenny and I are humbled each and every day by the support, love, and passion we've found in this community. As we approach the last 12 hours of our 2nd round of fundraising, we want to take a moment to thank you.


We have made a lot of mistakes along the way, and the IZOLA family continues to show up and help carry us forward. I hope you've seen that as we make mistakes, we learn from them. At IZOLA we say, "To err is human, to recover well is IZOLA." It's how we lead our team and how we live our lives.


It's because of you that we'll get to continue to carry the IZOLA mission forward.


If you have yet to join and would like to, we're down to the last 12 hours of this round (closes at MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME). Click below to learn more and join us in this grand adventure.



Jeffrey and Jenny



PS - We just received these new renderings of IZOLA Main from architects over at Heleo Architecture, you are the first to the see them!



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