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TOMORROW'S A BAKE DAY! I love the night before our bake week begins. We started the dough on Sunday evening and now it's ready to go. Everyone has gone home and it's quiet at IZOLA as the mid-autumn harvest moon rises over the city. The proofer is loaded, the sourdough cold-fermenting in baskets. I feel a few pre-game jitters mixed with the excitement of turning organic flour, wild yeast, grass fed milk, whole olives and nuts, apples, Valrhona chocolate into hot sourdough + croissants that bring joy. Let's spread the joy and civility one smile at a time. We're open Weds-Fri (noon-6p), Saturday 8a-2p. To go. Dine in. Delivery. Gift Cards.

JAZZ INC SATURDAYS 10a + noon - two sets We're thrilled to announce that Jazz Inc will be taking up residency at IZOLA, playing every other Saturday....twice a month....woot! These guys bring the passion to jazz, funk and hip hop. Don't miss em!

NEW OVEN IZOLA's new oven is almost done being built. It's shipping on air! We're super excited to be collaborating with SALVA, amazing ovens, great people, in San Sebastian, Spain. Stone decks, steam injection, we'll be able to bake 5X more sourdough......woot! Pizza night anyone?

IZOLA PANTRY Want to bake with the same ingredients we do? d'Isigny butter from Normandy. Fresh Yeast. Visit our PANTRY store.  Order Now


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