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It's a Bake Day....


.....we're back from our spring break trip to Joshua Tree and we're baking hot croissants and sourdough for you noon-6p Thursday and Friday. So much fun!

Amazing smells fill our space.... freshly baked bread, heirloom tomatoes, brown sugar, herbs, and butter from Normandy.

Come in the bakery and order at the counter (insider tip, even when the website is sold out, we have delish treats for our walk-in community), or PREORDER here.


Jeffrey will choose two loaves for you.....for $10. WHOA, that's 2 for 1! Stock your can have IZOLA anytime you want! Incredible grilled cheese sandwiches. Sourdough french toast. Yum...Yum. Supplies are limited.


Thank you for your support and stoke as we closed IZOLA last week, gave our entire team the week off to rest and reconnect. Sacha, Jenny and I went climbing in JTree. Woot.


We are growing and looking to fill two additional roles on our team

  • Artisan Baker

  • Producer/Customer Experience Swing

Artisan Baker: We're looking for a team member with a passion for creating croissants and sourdough – Simple, high-quality, and uber-fresh breads that engage all the eaters' senses – a baker who loves the idea of baking fresh all day (we call it the cast iron workout), an artisan with deep experience working with laminated dough and sourdough. And most important, feels joy in interacting with customers and sharing IZOLA's world.

Producer/Customer Experience: A team member who is nimble, comfortable with diverse responsibilities (e.g. going from boxing hot croissants, then helping the baking team when they get in the weeds, greeting customers with a genuine sense of hospitality, all in a 30 minute span), and has a passion for creating amazing experiences for our guests in a fast-paced environment.

Traits we value: a strong work ethic, a well-developed sense of self-awareness, integrity, kindness, optimism, and empathy.

Our mission is to change the way Americans experience Sourdough and Croissants, if you are ready to join our team, please send a resume to

Thank you,


DINE-IN IS (even more) OPEN

Congratulations IZOLA family, we made it to orange tier. Dine-in occupancy is now increased to 50% of capacity! Thank you for doing all the right things (masks, social distancing, vaxxing 40% of SD residents), let's stay focused and finish strong on June 15th, when the tier system is retired. Our dine-in is located on the main stage of STUDIO710, a historic venue available for daily rentals for unique events and photoshoots. Thanks, STUDIO710!

Bring a book, relax, use the WIFI and enjoy our small-batch, hand-made croissants.


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