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Live Music and Sourdough

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SOURDOUGH IS ON FIRE THIS WEEK Kent and Larry rocked the sourdough for tomorrow. Great job guys. All 4 flavors: WILD, CRAN, OLIVE & GARLIC (garlic just sold out for tomorrow...sorry). Tall, look at that height + broad shoulders with a chewy crust. Open crumb. Our starter is rocking, we started building our production leaven at 1:1:1, only 2 hours before we mix our dough. It's lively, sweet and strong. We're happy to share if you'd like some, please bring a little jar and ask at the bakeshop counter. SOURDOUGH

APPLE UGLY BITS ARE BACK! A few left for tomorrow....Slices of Fuji Apple, piled high with our signature croissant dough (made with French butter, Grass-Fed Milk, Free range eggs), organic dark brown sugar, cinnamon.....Yum. UGLIES! LIVE MUSIC SATURDAY AT IZOLA It's going to be a big day at IZOLA on Saturday, 4 sets of live music. 8:30a, 10a, 11a, 12a. Join Us! TYLER NEUENSWANDER 8:30a + 11a We're excited to welcome Tyler, a multi-genre singer who works in classical and ambient to IZOLA this Saturday (9/25). If you dig amazing voices, don't miss it. JAZZ INC SATURDAYS 10a + noon High energy Jazz + Funk. Passion on the main stage at IZOLA.

Tahitian Vanilla Knot a sensual and luxurious braided croissant with Tahitian vanilla steeped into the milk. Enrobed in a vanilla-scented glaze. Amazing with a hot potion or cappuccino. Order Up! 710 13TH ST STE 300 619-227-2701 Share on social Visit IZOLA Online You've received this email because you are a subscriber of this site.If you feel you received it by mistake or wish to unsubscribe, please click here.

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Hi Denise! Thanks so much for your note. Yes! we have live music from 8a-1p on Saturday. No music on Sunday. Cheers! Jeffrey

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Denise Hackett
Denise Hackett
03 ago 2023

Do you still have live music on saturdays?

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