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1...2...3... Huge Updates



I know, I could we have even MORE news to share after our epically long update yesterday? Well...I think you'll be excited for this latest update...


Today we quietly reopened our doors at IZOLA Island. We've been very intentional with our reopening plans, from an 8-day long training with our Front of House team, to holding mock events so they and our Bake team could gain hands on practice, to opening on a Tuesday completely unannounced.


I hope you'll forgive us for the secrecy as we try to do everything in our control to provide a supportive learning environment for our team. But the cat is out of the bag, so we felt compelled to share this update with our dearest supporters.


We cannot wait to see you at the new bakeshop. And we thank you in advance for your kindness and grace for our inaugural IZOLA Island team as they find their footing in the new space, with new process and new teammates.


For now, we'll be open Tuesday - Friday, from 7a-2p. We will remain closed for the weekend until our teams are ready to handle the increased production and increased traffic. Thank you for providing them the space to flourish!




And why stop at just one big announcement when two is twice as exciting??


Today we also re-opened our equity raise!!


For the first $500,000 raised or up until 11:59 PM PST on July 31, 2024, the Price Per Unit will be $1.80 - a discount off of our previous unit price...We are sharing this opportunity first with you, our IZOLA investors and community.


See the full details, or invest here.


*Only invest an amount you would feel comfortable losing.

Investing in private businesses involves risk. Though potential returns are designed to reflect that risk, there is a possibility that you will lose your entire investment.




Alright I promise, this is the last big announcement for tonight!


This week we officially submitted our plans to the city for IZOLA Main!!


Wow...has this been an epic adventure so far. We have been working on the plans for our new zero-emission manufacturing facility and bake shop, IZOLA Main, for over a year now. Located in the heart of City Heights, we'll be dough production capacity by 20x, over 30 purpose-filled careers and investing in an underserved community.


We aim to change the way America thinks about croissants and sourdough. The IZOLA way. Hot from the oven, great hospitality, amazing quality. Justice. Investing in American Green Manufacturing. Creating careers. Improving the quality of our bread and croissants. Planning to open 12 IZOLAs in SoCal. Hard? Yes. But so exciting to invest in American manufacturing and in our community.


Thank you to Carlos and Barb at HELEO Architecture + Design for your incredible work, passion, and support.



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