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Baking today 3-6p. Fully stocked!

Baking today 3-6p. Fully stocked!


Wow, it's the end of the week already. Still time to get your orders in.


Lots of fun changes. 1) Our croissants are getting really good. I've been experimenting with recipe tweaks and Super open honeycomb, delicate crust that shatters in your mouth. mmmm. 


2) New dough room - climate controlled dough room - helps us take our croissants to a new level of open-ness. 


3) New Oven - Baking in our new convection oven. Great for the croissants. Think steam injection.  


4) Fun new ugly bit shapes - flavor combos. 


5) Psst....a sneak preview for the friends of Izola: We're going to add chocolate croissants to our menu very soon. I have a few test chocolate croissants today.  Put a note in with your order. Free. Valrhona Caribe chocolate....mmmm. When they are gone, they're gone. 

Order online to reserve yours, or stop by anytime to say hi and see what we're making. Thanks to our friends at STUDIO710, we're open for dine-in, woot! Come hang out (in a COVID safe way of course).


710 13TH ST. #300

San Diego, CA, 92101


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