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Happy Birthday to Us!

SWEET AND SALTY The Moroccan Black Olive Chocolate Croissant....What??? Rough chopped black Beldi dry cured Moroccan Olives, sourdough starter and's the wild child of the laminated world. Jenny gave me quite a look when we first rolled these out (kind of like when I put salted peanuts and orange marmalade on her chicken sandwich) but the MBO as we call it, was an instant success (unlike the sandwich). We dial back the amount of butter a little so the subtle flavors of the nutty buckwheat and earthy Beldi olives can really shine through. Midway through the 4 day production process, our Dojo team rolls them up and includes a single bar of Valrhona dark chocolate for a hint of bake brush on a little walnut oil from France. YUM squared! Pre-orders are open! We hold half of our inventory each day for walk-ins, so pre-orders aren't required - just pop on by. Have a pre-order and in a hurry? No problem! Double park downstairs and call us at (619) 289-8358, we'll run your order down to you with a smile. We call it IZOLA DRIVE-BY.

Father's Day is this Sunday...we wanted to wish our dad's John and David a very Happy Father's Day. Papa John, thanks for making me laugh, for the guidance, for getting up at the crack of dawn to take me out waterskiing, for being such a great granddad to Sacha and so much more. I'm grateful for the gumption I learned from you. Love, JB Ba, thanks for always being able to scare my hiccups away, for making the best cappuccinos, taking us out for grand adventures and for pulling me on my skis when I got too tired. Love, Jenny

And last, but not least, happy Father's Day to this man here...the one Sacha adoringly refers to as the gristly old man. 😂 You are patient, kind, compassionate, loving, supportive...Even when you are exhausted and on the 12th hour of your workday, you are there for him... Love, Jenny

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! This past Saturday was our 3rd birthday...yay IZOLA! Jenny and I took a spin through some of the very first photos of when IZOLA was just coming into fruition, including my very first attempt at making croissants three years ago...we are now on test 737. Thank you to our very first customer, our friend Jazzy. She was our first delivery (back when we thought we might focus on delivery). Thank you to our son Sacha, our very first "employee," who helped us roll croissants and scale loaves of sourdough. It was quite emotional looking through our old photos - we just had no idea what kind of adventure we were about to take on, the sacrifices we would choose to make, and the joy that would come along with it. These past 3 years have both flown by and felt like 30 years, but at the end of the day we are both just so honored that you've chosen to allow IZOLA to be a part of your lives. Thank you... With much love, Jenny and Jeffrey

NOMINATE IZOLA FOR BEST BAKERY San Diego Reader's annual Best Of poll is open now! If you love IZOLA, you can vote for us as Best Bakery (just write in IZOLA Bakery). Thanks for the love and support IZOLA fam!

INVEST IN A PIECE OF IZOLA Did you know that you can become an investor and join us on this crazywonderfulscaryfunhumanexhilarating journey called IZOLA? We aim to change the way America thinks about croissants and sourdough. The IZOLA way. Hot from the oven, great hospitality, amazing quality. Justice. And we are building the infrastructure to do that. Building the factory of the future. Creating careers. Improving the quality of our bread and croissants. Planning to open 12 IZOLAs in SoCal. Hard? Yes. But so exciting to invest in American manufacturing, in our community. Believe in what we do? Join us. Want to talk about it face to face with us? Yay! Jenny and I are hosting a conversation this Saturday June 17 at 8:30a via Google meet. RSVP and drop by for a minute and say hi or stay the whole time. It's a fun time and super casual. We'll share with you where we've been, our plans for the future, and why we are raising over $3M in the next year. Never invested before? Not to worry! It's super simple. *Only invest an amount you would feel comfortable losing. Investing in private businesses involves risk. There is a possibility that you will lose your entire investment.


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