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IZOLA Island- Week 1 Updates!



We are on day 7 of our tenancy in our new location at the base of the Pinnacle Towers at Fault Line Park and it has just flown by....Here are just a few of the things we tackled this week:

  • Our first contractor arrived on Day 1 and we were all smiles

  • We met with the Downtown Partnership Clean & Safe team, a tremendous resource for us here in the East Village. Their team helps keep folks safe, the neighborhood clean and helps make Downtown San Diego a vibrant neighborhood to live in and visit. If you're in the area often, download their app to easily submit safety and maintenance requests! (And we LOVE San Diego's Get it Done app too!)

  • Jenny submitted her first application for a city permit (for a 40-yard dumpster) and was super grateful for the city's help in getting it submitted properly. She was stoked to see the dumpster arrive and couldn't wait to run the first load! IZOLA Core team member Erick has been crushing it out too - the dumpster is already 3/4 full...

  • We had a whole lot of meetings to push forward on our new signage, door maintenance, plumbing, demo, window repair, lighting...

  • I've learned more than I ever knew I would know about sump pumps...

  • We've had a warm welcome and tremendous support from the Pinnacle security and maintenance teams.

  • A very special visit from mom and dad who came to cheer us on and fill our bellies with Bronx pizza. Thank you! ❤️

  • And thank you to all the new neighbors we've met this week!

One thing I could use some help with though...we're looking for someone who can do framing, sheetrock and add some t-bar ceiling. Know of any smart, hardworking guys or gals who'd be up for a smaller job like this? As we build our construction teams, we're thinking about the future and working to find partners to help bring IZOLA Main and our future bread cafes to life.


I'm optimistic we can get back open around mid-May (especially if we can find someone for the job above!). It's an aggressive timeline, but we're gunning for it and doing everything in our power to get back open ASAP.


Of course, stay tuned right here — we'll update you along the way and bring you along for the ride as we gear up toward re-opening day!


P.S. - If you'd like to join the IZOLA team, we'll be hiring for all positions - front of house, croissant production, sourdough production, and bake. Email Jenny your resume!




Our team's got it in spades! Congratulations to the IZOLA Core team for our most recent approval of the testing on our new IZOLA Ramen Croissant! 🎉 We've been sharing pics of this creation for the past few months, but up until this point we still had some details to fine tune to make sure we had the right balance of beauty, flavor and texture. And after FOUR months of testing, the team has nailed it. Big smiles all around when we announced the approval to this hardworking team!


I think Jenny likes the new pizza the team has been developing. You got a little something on your face Bunny....❤️


And since we're sharing silly photos, thank you Jeff for the unicorn eclipse glasses - they made the solar eclipse even more fun!



Did you know that our 13th Street location is available for event bookings? Imagine holding your next event in the light, bright, airy loft space that has brought so many people together here at IZOLA. We have hosted Grammy award-winning musicians, marriage proposals, birthday parties, art gallery pop ups, production shoots, you name's happened here...


For more details, check out our site where you can also place a request to book and we'll reach right back out to you.



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