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It's a Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood...



Yes, I've got Mr. Rogers on my mind! I'm absolutely loving our new neighborhood here on Island Avenue. We're only 2 blocks from our original location on 13th Street, but it feels so different. Here at 1429 Island Avenue, it's like we're in our own little oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle. Neighbors are out and about at all hours of the day, walking their dogs, taking a stroll to dinner, heading off to work.


IZOLA Island's outdoor patio also overlooks Fault Line Park, a thoughtfully designed park with a children's playground, art installation and dog park. Our pup Sam LOVES it (you can see a sneak peak of IZOLA behind him above). And we love seeing how it serves as a gathering place for the community.


It's also fun to be on Island Avenue because we now share the same street as our industry crush, Callie. Chef Travis has been a customer and supporter since the very early days of IZOLA, always willing to lend us an ear or offer advice to these newbies. Callie is also THE place that Jenny and I go when we feel like being taken care of and filling our bellies with feed-the-soul type of food, or any time we want to celebrate with friends and family. It's also the one and only place that our son will actually eat beets 🤣 because Chef Travis knows how to make them magical.


Head on over to Callie's Instagram page and hit FOLLOW because they will soon be announcing a super fun giveaway that I think you'll want to take part in!



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