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It's "F" Time!

1...2...3...4 Just 4 ingredients in our Wild Sourdough, if you count the water. Organic Flour Water Wild Yeast (East Village local!) Kosher Salt No B.S. 5 hour fermentation with lots of gentle handling, followed by 16 hrs of cold proofing and voila! Nuanced flavors, crust with that perfect chew, open crumb and it stores super well. I just ate a heel of sourdough that had been sitting uncovered on my counter for days - just zhuzh it with a splash of water and straight into the toaster. Yum squared! Good for weeks in the freezer. For all the tips and tricks of how to store and reheat your sourdough, check out our care instructions here. Questions?? We love to talk bread - ring us up at (619) 289-8358, or email me... Pre-orders are open now. We also hold half of our inventory each day for walk-ins, so pre-orders aren't required - you can just pop on by. Have a pre-order and in a hurry? No problem! Double park downstairs and call us at (619) 289-8358, we'll run your order down to you with a smile. We call it IZOLA DRIVE-BY.

IZOLA BEER We're super stoked to announce the IZOLA x East Village Brewing collab. IZOLA Kvass, an IZOLA Wild Sourdough fueled beer - where our Wild Sourdough was brewed right into the beer. The Kvass style has been popular in Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Hungary for centuries. It's sour-sweet, slightly cloudy and light brown in color. IZOLA Kvass drops Friday, July 14th, noon at East Village Brewing. Come out and support this great local brewery, meet the brewers, try an IZOLA Kvass or one of their other great beers. And to celebrate, IZOLA and East Village Brewing are each giving away a $50 gift card. To enter:

  1. Follow both IZOLA and East Village Brewing Company on Instagram.

  2. Go to the IZOLA x East Village Brewing IG post.

  3. Comment and tell us what you will do with $100 worth of croissants and beer! Bonus points for creativity.

  4. Tag a friend.

  5. We'll pick a winner on Friday, July 14th and they'll receive 2 x $50 gift cards! Yum!

COUNTDOWN TO COFFEE.... Thanks all for your grace as we work on bringing hot coffee back to the bakeshop! We are getting closer to re-opening and expect to be able to announce the return of coffee very soon...Keep your eyes peeled on your email and our Instagram page for the announcement of its return!

COME JOIN US! Join Jenny and me this Tuesday at 3:30p on Google Meet as we share why we started IZOLA at the start of a global pandemic, what has kept us going each day as our little project has grown to over 30 employees and over $1M in revenue, and what our vision is for the future. The day we snapped this photo Jenny and I were stoked that we had enough demand to fill almost a full rolling rack of croissants for the day. We were still making all of the croissants ourselves, pulling late nights on the weekends, driven by the joy we saw on the faces of our customers and the kindness we received from them. Fast forward to today, our passionate, hardworking Dojo team is working day and night 7 days a week so that we can bake about 1000 croissants a day, served hot from the oven. And it's still not enough - we're selling out each day and that's not what we envision for the IZOLA experience. We are raising funds now, which will allow us to increase our production by 20x! We aim to change the way America thinks about croissants and sourdough. The IZOLA way. Hot from the oven, great hospitality, amazing quality. Justice. Investing in American Green Manufacturing. Creating careers. Improving the quality of our bread and croissants. Planning to open 12 IZOLAs in SoCal. Hard? Yes. But so exciting to invest in American manufacturing and in our community. Believe in what we do? Join us. To learn more, RSVP for our Tuesday call and drop by for a minute and say hi or stay the whole time. It's a fun time and super casual. We'll share with you where we've been, our plans for the future, and why we are raising over $3M in the next year. Never invested before? Not to worry! It's super simple. Can't make the call? Email Jenny and tell her what days and times are most convenient for you - we'll be scheduling more conversations and would love for you to be a part of it! *Please only invest an amount you would feel comfortable losing. Investing in private businesses involves risk. Though potential returns are designed to reflect that risk, there is a possibility that you will lose your entire investment.

IT'S F-TIME BABY! We feel so fortunate that you all have chosen to allow IZOLA to be a small part of your lives. It's what drives us each and every day. But it's not always smiles and's a lot of early mornings and late nights, all choices we've made in how we want to prioritize our lives. And to be completely honest, our families have sacrificed to support us in this endeavor. We don't see them as often as we used to, yet they are steadfast in their love, their support, their generosity. Jenny and I got to host her family for a few days last week for what I call fellowship time, or "f-time" baby! When it's f-time, the phones are put away, laptops shut down and we connect. It was so fun to take a moment and enjoy the San Diego sunshine and play tourist for a few days...we love you guys! Pup Sam wants grandma, grandpa and his uncles to visit more often. ❤️

IZOLA MUSIC SATURDAY Every Saturday IZOLA hosts live music - come see how diverse and talented our San Diego community is. We post our full musical line-up every Friday night on Instagram - follow us here!


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