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Fully Proofed!

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I love the bakery on Saturday morning, we're closed, it's quiet, the scent of croissants floats lightly in the air and it's time to experiment, test recipes, sip cappuccino and plan for the week ahead.

This weekend was amazing. We figured out how to make 12 more croissants every day (and still sleep a little). Our croissant process is 3 full days. We use organic flour from Utah, organic milk, butter from Normandy, free-range eggs. And we do it all by hand. And it's hard. Jenny and I hand-laminated 144 croissants yesterday. 11 hrs on the stone table. Thank you Jenny, you're my hero. Me? I feel like I got hit by a truck this morning.

psst..... we're test baking a few more chocolate croissants this week.....double the chocolate. (we hear you friends) Valrhona dark. mmmmmm. Add a note in your order if you'd like to test.

Sourdough....everything is working great. Powerful starter, great oven bounce, custard-y crumb, chewy crust. You should come get a loaf this really. I can't take my eyes off it. yes, I've been doing the sourdough celebration dance as the loaves come out of the oven. (thankfully there is no video)


Rouge pear and heirloom (Envy) apple Ugly bits this week.


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