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Order now for pickup, dine in, curbside + Free Delivery downtown every Wed-Fri (3-6p)


We're really starting to hit our stride, I'm having fun riffing on IZOLA favorites: Wild Sourdough and Croissants. For the next month Olive Sourdough and Chocolate Croissants will be on the menu....woot! See our full menu here. Pre-ordering is recommended.

IZOLA Olive sourdough: Heaps of whole Castelvetrano and Kalamata olives, pecans, lemon and Herbs de Provence. Packed with flavor, olive-y goodness in every bite.

IZOLA Chocolate Croissant - Our traditional croissant filled with four, yes four sticks of Valrhona grand cru dark chocolate. Sensual. Indulgent. Made with grass-fed organic milk, butter from Normandy, organic flour from Utah, and free-range organic eggs.

See ya at IZOLA this week! Jeffrey

Team member spotlight: A shout out to David Pintado, Assistant Baker and Bicycle Messenger. If you love our croissants, you've tasted David's fine work at the oven. But what you probably don't know is that David hauls hundreds of pounds of flour for us on his cargo bike and rides like the wind with your home delivery hot croissants. All Carbon Free.

Thank you David.

David also runs his own bike messenger company downtown, Painted Courier, so if you want anything delivered, just give David a shout at (619) 830-1817‬.


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