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My big problem...


Look at these beauties - hot from the oven and straight to you. Because we bake in smaller batches throughout the morning, everything we serve here at IZOLA is coming hot from our ovens so that we can provide the tastiest, most mouthwatering experience possible. If you've ever wondered about how we started baking hot-from-the-oven, or why IZOLA is located in the absolutely most difficult to find space possible, hop on over to San Diego Magazine's Happy Half Hour Podcast to hear our origin story. You'll learn about the big "problem" Jenny thinks I have and how I ended up in trouble with the Mexican authorities! We had so much fun chatting with host Troy Johnson, he was able to pull all the secrets out of us.


And because you subscribe to our newsletter, you already know the secret pro tip we provide at the very end of the podcast - to place a pre-order! Pre-orders for Thursday-Saturday open every Sunday morning, and Sunday pre-orders open first thing the Monday prior.


Pre-orders for this week are open now! Have a pre-order? Can't find a parking spot? No problem. Double park downstairs and call us at (619) 289-8358, we'll run your order down to you. We call it IZOLA DRIVE-BY.





When Jenny first moved from the Bay Area to San Diego, she loved reading San Diego Magazine to learn more about her new community and in search for a new favorite restaurant. And I've photographed a story or two for them way back in my photojournalist days. But to be honest, it's been a long time since either one of us picked up a copy, frankly the mag had lost touch with us. STOP THE PRESSES!!! That's all changed now because of this inspiring couple right here - Claire and Troy Johnson who recently bought the magazine and are pouring their heart and soul into it.


It wasn't until after we taped our podcast with Troy that we learned about the evolution that the magazine is going through right now. Many people have told me how crazy I was to start a bakery in the midst of COVID, well Troy and Claire are the same kind of crazy - in 2021 they become majority owners in San Diego Magazine. To top it off, Claire was 9 months pregnant the day they signed the papers.


There are only two reasons someone would purchase a magazine during a pandemic: they're crazy, or they're passionate. Or perhaps both. Turns out, it is their passion for community that drove Claire and Troy's decision. They are on a mission to amplify the voices of the diverse San Diego community we live in, and we're stoked for the efforts they've made and that are to come.


We love supporting businesses that are striving for real change in our world. We've subscribed to the mag and you'll start seeing it at the bakeshop once our first issue arrives! And we ask you to do the same to help build the stronger, more vibrant, more equitable community that we all love. And we'll give away a free croissant to the first 50 people who subscribe - just forward your receipt to and we'll send ya a promo code.




Part 3 of our equity raise just launched! You can learn more and invest right here at our Mainvest portal.

IZOLA Main is picking up steam. The design is locked (Great job Heleo Architecture team), we're traveling around the world testing our recipes on production equipment, Jenny and I are leading a team of Architects, Engineers, Programmers, Builders, Bakers and Dreamers. In short, building the IZOLA of the future: it's productive, efficient and just. Creating 20 careers in City Heights, removing 25,000 pounds of paper from the waste stream, increasing our croissant production 10x, and many, many other benefits to our community.


And that my friends takes capital, lots of it, almost 7.5 million in total. In this equity offering, we endeavor to raise 3.9 million. And like any big task we do, we're going to break it up into doable sections. 4 of them to be exact. So we will "rolling close" on June 1, Sept 1, Dec 1, and March 1, 2024. With a goal of $975,000 on each rolling close date.


If you have questions or are interested in learning more about becoming an owner in IZOLA, Jenny and I will continue to host monthly online events where we'll share with you our plans for the next several years. Register below to join us via Google Meet in the comfort of your own home. We're ecstatic that we've already raised over $1M to date, but it's not enough. Find out why!



Every Saturday IZOLA hosts live music - come see how diverse and talented our San Diego community is! Here are just a few of the folks that will be by. We publish the full schedule every Friday night in our Instagram Story. Head on over there and follow us now!


Sat 8-9a


Frequent collaborators, Galia Shakked & Ali Mehraban Ramírez play stripped down versions of songs from their 4-piece band, Pet.


Sat 9-10a


From classical piano and choir roots, to more recently playing folk covers at local venues and in the San Diego open mic circuit, Ian is now working on releasing his own music and collaborating with local artists on original work. His music is influenced by soulful 70s ballads, his past relationships, self-help books, and the color orange.




We are super stoked to have Randall performing this weekend! A former IZOLA team member, Randall is a talented keyboardist, singer, and songwriter residing in San Diego, CA. He most loves sharing his passion for music and art to the world, and with an eclectic range of influences there is something for everyone in his performances.



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