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News About Our Croissants


Tomato Jam News! We're offering a dollar for all Tomato Jam containers (and 50¢ for Ugly Bit bowls) that are returned to us. We will sterilize and reuse. What is tomato jam you ask? A flexible kitchen staple made from heirloom cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, a head of garlic, a handful of thyme, Maldon salt. Roasted for an hour. Yum. What can you use it for? Make an upgraded bruschetta, a few spoonfuls over pasta, add some mimolette for an easy dinner. Drizzle a couple of spoonfuls of the oil over roasted asparagus to finish. You get my drift, use it on everything.

Our croissants are even taller.....

Our new SALVA convection oven came online just in time for last Saturday's epic bake.

And it's amazing. Life-changing for those of us running the ovens. Fast, powerful and accurate....

And the best part, in combination with our new French proofer from Guyon West, our croissants are taller, lighter, crispier.

Thank you to the dedicated team at SALVA.

Great news! We're looking to expand......

  • Do you want an IZOLA in your neighborhood? Tell us where!

    • We're on the hunt for a 1,500 sq ft restaurant space for a new IZOLA. Know of any?

    • And we want to open an IZOLA mini bread cafe near you. We're looking for tiny, cute, cool, funky spaces where we can bake fresh all day. Any hidden gems?

Oh yeah, Order much exciting stuff I almost forgot. We're open Wed-Fri noon-6p, Sat 8a-2p. Preorder for best selection (we often sell out). Come hang with us and enjoy a fresh from the oven croissant and hot potion. Bring a laptop or a book and relax on our comfy couches, and we added 3 more tables for dine-in this week. Online PreOrders


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