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Ordering is open. Baking Weds-Fri 3-6p


Monday's are a day of beginnings, we start our dough for Wednesday. Poolish. Leavan. It's quiet at Izola, a good day to reflect.

Tuesday, production goes into full swing. I'm happy/nervous at the size of the tasks at hand. David hauls 200lbs of flour on his bike (more on this later). We sheet our butter from Normandy, hand roll out and fold our croissant dough all day (sore hands tonight), shape our croissants and let them rest overnight in the refrigerator. Our sourdough starter has been growing overnight, it's full of energy by 10am, and ready to mix with freshly milled flour. By dusk it will be shaped and resting in the refrigerator, full of potential for tomorrow.

Wednesday.....Bake Day!!!

Join us at IZOLA or order online for pickup, curbside for free bike messenger delivery downtown ($25 order).



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