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Renovation Updates (and some setbacks...)


Chef Lidia made a couple of trays of our classic 96 layer croissant this week for a test we're running and the beauty of the croissants literally stopped me in my tracks. Beurre D'Isigny, the butter we source from the hills of Normandy, helps to create great flavor but also beautiful lamination. We brush organic eggs on each croissant, which provide a deep, rich color and a satisfying shattering crisp when you bite into the croissant.


They are an engineering marvel with their 96 individual layers of butter...and it takes true artistry to create them. Well done Chefs Lidia and Lane!


RENOVATION UPDATED (and some setbacks)

Our ovens and proofers were loaded onto the MSC Amalfi on 1/6 in the port of Sines, Portugal and are due to arrive in Los Angeles on February 4th! 🎉


We continue to develop ways to provide a more delightful experience at the bakeshop - and one of the key improvements we'd like to make is increasing production so it's easier to stop by, and more convenient to order. We've maxed out the capacity of our current equipment, so as part of our upcoming renovation we will be adding an additional stone deck oven, 2 additional croissant ovens and 3 additional proofers.


Some folks have asked why we're importing our equipment from Spain rather than using a domestic supplier. While we would absolutely love to find a domestic partner, we must also hold true to our promise of delivering the best tasting croissants and sourdough that we can, and in this case, we have found that the best ovens for what we're creating come from Salva.


I absolutely love the technology we have access to these days. You can follow along like we are and see where the Almafi is at this moment on Some fun stats:


  • The ship is currently traveling at 13.1 knots (about 15 miles an hour)

  • It comes in at 300 meters long (3 football fields!)

  • Its next stop is the Panama Canal and it will take 13 days to travel there

  • Total gross tonnage is 95,166 (or the equivalent of 560,976,471,474 of our croissants, prior to baking)


And now onto the setbacks...


We are starting to receive comments back from the city from the latest round of plan review and some comments we've received back from Structural are going to set us back another 3 weeks. At the very best, we're looking at an early March re-opening. We'll continue to update you here!



Our proofers and ovens are loaded onto the cargo ship...we've "dated" some candidates and landed on some of the most amazing manufacturing partners to help us scale...we're finalizing our new training and onboarding program so our team can hit the ground running...our IZOLA Main plans are 90% complete...what's still missing? You!


Come hang out with us this Saturday at 9:30a on Google Meet, where we'll be sharing with you the plans for IZOLA's future and how you have the opportunity to take part through our equity raise. The resources we raise this year will determine how many jobs IZOLA creates in City Heights next year.

*Please only invest an amount you would feel comfortable losing. Investing in private businesses involves risk. Though potential returns are designed to reflect that risk, there is a possibility that you will lose your entire investment.



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