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Sourdough...How do we do it?

PRE-ORDERS ARE OPEN..... We're fully stocked with your favorites this week, Tahitian Vanilla Knots, Wild Sourdough, Almond Croissants and more. Yum! It's going to be a short week at IZOLA, we're open Weds + Thurs (noon-6p), closed on Friday, March 26th. Order now for the best selection. ORDER HERE


How do we bake 50+ loaves daily in a home oven? Patiently. On Friday our oven ran 13hrs 37 minutes, (and my Apple Watch showed 14, 706 steps - without leaving the bakery) We bake 5 loaves at a time in cast iron combo cookers!

Our sourdough starts its three-day journey today. We start energizing our starter (feed and discard 80%, repeat 3x per day), kinda like doing pushups.

Monday evening we mix 12 liters of leaven. It's the living sourdough starter that gives our bread its distinctive flavor and rise. The leaven is house-made, populated by the microflora that is specific to our neighborhood a few blocks from San Diego Bay.

Tuesday morning we mix the mature leaven with organic flour, water, and salt. 4 ingredients, no B.S. We stretch and fold the dough every half hour for 3 hours. Then divide it into 850g loaves. And let it rest a while longer on the bench. For final shaping, we roll it up like a burrito, dip it into rice flour, and into a bread proofing basket called a banneton. And finally a 12-16 hour slow fermentation in the refrigerator.

Wednesday's Bake day! We deliver the 4 flavors of sourdough hot to you. And the cycle continues.


Join us in the bakery and eat your IZOLA treats on the main stage of a historic photo studio and event space. STUDIO710 is generously sharing their amazing studio with the IZOLA family. Bring a book, relax, use the wifi and enjoy the best croissant in town. Traffic note: the Petco Park super vaccination center has closed, so traffic is MUCH improved.


Twice-baked and served hot-from-the-oven. We take our handmade butter croissants and fill them with delicious almond cream and a hint of brandy. Topped with sliced almonds and a dusting of powdered sugar.


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