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The price of integrity...

These beautifully rolled croissants were handcrafted by our amazing Dojo team - croissant lead Lea, and Lidia, Mark, Alejandra, Joshua and Ryan.


The team begins the lamination process with a single kilo block of Beurre D'Isigny - butter from a small region in Normandy, France made from winter milk. Why winter milk you might ask? We had the same question too!!


Turns out that what the cows are eating in the winter provides different milk from the spring, and the winter milk creates a more pliable butter. A more pliable butter allows the Dojo team to take a 25mm thick block of butter down to less than 0.2 mm in thickness. Over the course of three separate cycles on the dough sheeter, our single kilo of butter is stretched, folded and rolled to create 96 distinct layers in an IZOLA Traditional Croissant. Amazing.


We use only the best-tasting ingredients in our croissants - the beautiful Beurre D'Isigny, organic free-range eggs, organic milk, flour milled in Utah, and Valrhona dark chocolate for our chocolate croissants....We tested 17 different kinds of butter before landing on Beurre D'Isigny and multiple flours (both organic and not). We ran blind taste tests, where the only difference was either a different butter or flour to ensure we were creating the best flavor.


In whatever we do here at IZOLA, we will never sacrifice on our quality. Whether it's in our pursuit to mechanize some of our production or in trying to keep prices down. Today, I want to talk with you about our prices.


We aren't the cheapest croissant in town (by a mile), we know that. As a justice-driven company, we fight for gender justice, environmental justice, sexual orientation justice, racial justice, and economic justice. And so why aren't our prices lower?


In 2022 we lost 40¢ on every croissant we sold.


And that gap is only widening in today's economic environment.


Our cost for organic milk is up 12.5% just from the start of this year.


Our cost for organic free-range eggs is up 23.6% since December.


We are proud to use the best-tasting ingredients. And we are proud to be a Living Wage Certified company. We will never sacrifice our integrity or the IZOLA experience, so we must increase our prices.


Beginning today, we have taken our prices up on our Traditional Croissant, our Chocolate Croissant and our Everything Croissant by 10%. Our prices for our 6 packs have not changed, so they are now at a slight discount to the per unit cost. For now, we have held the prices on all of our remaining menu items.


I hope that you will continue to appreciate and enjoy the handcrafted croissants and sourdough the IZOLA team prepares each week - they are crafted with care and lots of love.



Pre-orders are open for the week, including for Chocolate Almond Croissant. Each almond croissant gets a healthy dose of brandy syrup before we fill it end to end with our house made frangipane cream. Our frangipane cream is made from California almonds, toasted and ground in house, organic free range eggs, organic milk and organic sugar.


 Have a pre-order? Can't find a parking spot? No problem. Double park downstairs and call us at (619) 289-8358, we'll run your order down to you. We call it IZOLA DRIVE-BY.



Every Saturday IZOLA hosts live music - come see how diverse and talented our San Diego community is! Our lineup for this Saturday is coming together - to find out who's coming by to play, follow us on Instagram where we publish the performance schedule every Friday night to our stories!



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