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Fun at the Bakeshop......



Grandma Izola, for which our bakeshop is named, instilled in my mom Twila, and mom to me, the importance of making the time to celebrate life's milestones. No matter how busy we get, we can never be too busy for our families and for our community.


So when one of our most favorite customers reached out to let us know that her son and IZOLA super-fan Dane was turning 5 years old, we knew we wanted to help celebrate.


Even though it was Dane's birthday, we were the ones to receive the real gift - the gift of community, love and support; the boundless sunshine that kids bring into any space they enter...WOW, exactly what we all needed.

Throwing this surprise for Dane was a real team effort - Dane's family kept the birthday plans a secret until morning and helped make the morning festive with bday hats, and the IZOLA Core team went above and beyond to create a special morning. Thank you to Chef Joseph who made a custom stencil for Dane's Wild Sourdough, Chef Lane and Chef Lidia for creating a gigantic croissant pizza for the party, and Jeff and Erick for the very extra special kids sized IZOLA tee (we hear through the grapevine that Dane insisted on sleeping in it ❤️).


Happy birthday to my friend Dane! Thanks for bringing light into this world!



Your friend Jeff.




Now that we've made the decision to relocate IZOLA to a new location, our current space on 13th Street is now fully available for event bookings! Imagine holding your next event in the light, bright, airy loft space that has brought so many people together here at IZOLA.

We have hosted Grammy award-winning musicians, marriage proposals, birthday parties, art gallery pop ups, production shoots, you name's happened here...


Fun fact - this space used to be my production and photo studio for over 20 years.


For more details, check out our site where you can also place a request to book and we'll reach right back out to you.




In the test kitchen, we have so many new flavors that are making us so excited for our Bananas Foster croissant with loads of caramelized bananas and served hot with a core of vanilla ice cream running right down the middle. Mmmm....summer can't come soon enough!




Thank you to each and every one who sent us leads on spaces that could possibly be the next home for IZOLA. Keep them coming! Even if you're not sure if it's the perfect fit for us, we're taking a look at each and every lead that comes through. Thank you for keeping your eyes peeled and for spreading the word to your friends and family about our search, we have been so humbled by the outpouring of support.


We miss you all and can't wait to be back open as quickly as possible!


Remember - if we land in a spot that came from you, we'll gift ya with a 6-pack of croissants a week for an entire year!



I know you've been waiting on pins and needles wanting to hear the results of our Anchovy Sourdough poll...Jenny and the no anchovy contingent won with the smallest of margins. J/K - the "no anchovy lobby" is quite strong! 🤣 But my bet is that it will still show up on the menu one of these days....🙄


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