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HUGE News!



We are so very excited to share some truly great news with you all - we have finalized a new home for IZOLA!


Thanks to the assistance of sooo many people (it indeed took a village), Jenny and I received the keys to the new IZOLA this morning.


Can you guess where we're heading?


  • We'll overlook these grassy knolls

  • A fault line is depicted on a nearby sidewalk

  • Reminiscent of 13th Street, the new location also has big, beautiful windows

  • And as another nod to our original location, this new one has a speakeasy in the basement!


Have you guessed it?? IZOLA's new home is at 1429 Island Avenue, between 14th and 15th Street. We're ecstatic to stay in the East Village, just 2 blocks from the OG IZOLA! The East Village community means so much to us...I've been in the current IZOLA space for 24 years. Thanks to the hard work of local residents, elected officials, businesses, and the East Village Association, the East Village neighborhood is flourishing.


Today we got to meet our new property manager (Jeff), thank our Location Matters Real Estate Team Lead Hannah, get the keys and also take some of the IZOLA Core Chef team on a tour of the new space (missing from the pic is Jeff Smith our ace AGM, who played photographer today!).

There are so many exciting things to share with you about our new space - like we're finally on the ground floor where you can see us from the street! You'll be able to walk right in without getting buzzed in through our callbox. Groundbreaking, I know! 😉


We'll have a big, beautiful heated patio that overlooks Fault Line Park, a public park with a playground and dog park. With the full commercial kitchen, we'll be able to offer new menu items, like a ham and cheese croissant and exciting new flavor drops.


Much will remain exactly the same — like serving everything hot from the oven and crafted from the best-tasting ingredients we can find. Just as important as the quality of our food is our team and the feeling of community that we want you to experience when visiting us, so that won't change either.



Jenny, I, and the IZOLA Core team are working furiously to get back open as soon as we can. We have action-packed weeks ahead of us to put our IZOLA touches on our new home and lots of hiring and training. So, at this moment, the soonest we'll be back open is about six weeks (mid-May).


Of course, stay tuned right here — we'll update you along the way and bring you along for the ride as we gear up toward re-opening day!


P.S. - If you'd like to join the IZOLA team, we'll be hiring for all positions - front of house, croissant production, sourdough production, and bake. Email Jenny your resume! I Wanna Join the Team!




My fave food after bread is pizza, I could eat it every night of the week....Who am I kidding, I could eat it for every lunch and dinner of the week!


So when IZOLA customer Kari suggested an nduja, pepperoni, burrata, and hot honey croissant - we knew we had to give it a try. First things first - I had to Google what "nduja" was 😆....(it's a spreadable spicy sausage from Calabria - yes, please!).


The team has been testing the pizza for the past 2 months and we're getting closer each week. We've tried many different variations on the shape or vessel that would hold the pizza toppings, but in the end, the classic shape is winning for us. We can't wait to fully crack this code because it's gonna be oh-so good...




Things are moving quickly with our City Heights location, IZOLA Main. IZOLA Main will be the site of our Dough Innovation Center and where all of our future production for IZOLA will happen. It will allow us to not only improve the quality and consistency of our croissants and sourdough, but increase our capacity by 20x, while also creating opportunities for higher wage jobs because of the improved efficiencies gained.


Thanks to the coordination of our architects Carlos and Barb at Heleo Architecture + Design, we are now only a couple of weeks away from submitting our permits!



Did you know that our 13th Street location is available for event bookings? Imagine holding your next event in the light, bright, airy loft space that has brought so many people together here at IZOLA. We have hosted Grammy award-winning musicians, marriage proposals, birthday parties, art gallery pop ups, production shoots, you name's happened here...


For more details, check out our site where you can also place a request to book and we'll reach right back out to you.



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