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We Just Hit TWO Milestones!



WOOOHOOO! We had a big week last week, having achieved two super important milestones.


First, the San Diego Department of Health has approved our food service plans for the 13th Street renovation! Thank you to Ryan Johnson and his team for their responsiveness and guidance in navigating this process.


Secondly, with the leadership of Carlos and Barb at Heleo Architecture, we've completed our 100% CD Set. Woot!!! I will say, it was a very challenging task, bringing together teams of engineers, regulatory stakeholders, and IZOLA-specific production requirements to create a great new guest experience. Check out the full set (all 107 pages) below - pay close attention, there'll be a test at the end of this! 😉

The 100% CD set will be re-submitted to the San Diego Development Services Department (DSD) to satisfy their change requests, and also circulated to our General Contractor to shift the pre-construction process into high gear (and compress our renovation period as much as possible, I'm targeting a very aggressive 30-day construction window), and to the building ownership for final approval of our plans.


For the past several months we've been procuring materials and equipment in advance, as well as bids, so we can hit the ground running when construction begins. I've been working closely with our full team - our architect, food service consultant, MEP+S engineers, fabricators, suppliers and builders - to ensure our Construction Documents are accurate and detailed down to every plank, wire and screw.


Designing for IZOLA 13th Street is particularly challenging given its age - the 4th floor loft is very small, there is not a single flat spot in the roof of the loft or any "as built" plans. But now I know where every wire, pipe and vent in the space is and where all new equipment will go. The goal for all of this pre-work was to minimize the number of change orders (my goal is zero!) we'd encounter during renovation, which will save us both time and money.


Stay tuned for updates on construction and our reopening date!




As part of our renovation, we are planning a street level "croissant bar." We're still working on the regulatory permissions, but we think it will really help activate the block and public space, as well as just be a great spot to enjoy a croissant and cappuccino. It will also provide a faster in-and-out experience for pre-order pickups.


East Village Green, the 3.6 acre community park under construction across the street from IZOLA, is also due to be completed in 2025. It will be a vibrant addition to the neighborhood with a 2-story community center, off-leash dog park, children's playground, and much more, making our croissant bar a great stop for folks on their way to the park.


 We've also applied for a type 41 license (for beer and wine only). We're thinking it would be nice to have a glass of bubbly with a croissant! Our vision is a highly curated menu...think 4 items, like one super mineral-forward Sauvignon Blanc, one Central California Coast Red Zin, a Prosecco (TBD) and one Belgian beer like Leffe, Chimay or Duvel.


So much in the hopper for IZOLA in 2024!





We are reaching out to our community to join us and become an owner in IZOLA through our equity raise. Learn more in the video below, or join us for our next Investor Conversation on Google Meet - this Tuesday at 4p. Our 3rd round rolling close ENDS THIS WEDNESDAY, so join us on the call and come with your questions!


We have $57,500 left to raise to hit our goal for this round. It's gonna be a big stretch, but we know it's possible!



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