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We're playing with fire now...


Here's a little sneak peak at another new croissant flavor that got approved this week - the s'mores croissant!

  • Homemade marshmallow...✔️

  • Brownie and graham cracker filling - wha?!

  • Sticky fingers guaranteed!!!


We've had a few special guests attending our chef's table this past week, including one of the winners from our Instagram giveaway, MV and her dad Andrew. Both were just a hoot to have at our chef's table...And we got some really great feedback from them too.


What has truly humbled us as we've welcomed three separate Instagram winners into the bakeshop over the past couple of weeks is how supportive the IZOLA community is. Each and every guest has independently asked us "What can we do to help you?" Y'all are AMAZING - thanks for the love, the support...we truly can't wait to have everyone back in soon!


For some folks, one way that you can help is by participating in our equity raise...because....


Our current equity raise closes in less than two weeks on February 29th! And that is it! We won't be able to reopen the raise until we make a new SEC filing...and given our focus on our renovations right now, the timeframe of us kicking off a new raise is TBD.

It is because of the over 500 investors that we've been able to withstand this closure. But I will not lie, this closure has been expensive and we still have important investments on the horizon that will help build the foundation for a scalable, longterm future for IZOLA.

So if you've thought about investing, NOW IS TRULY THE TIME! It's a super easy process - takes just minutes!

If you have questions, would like to hear more about our 5-year growth plan, and more, join us on Google Meet for our final investor call for a little while Wednesday, February 28th at 7p PST. We welcome any and all conversations and questions.


And don't forget - investors will receive special access to our soft grand re-opening! Come join us for an exclusive and private event before we officially open to the public.

Can't make the call? You can see a past recording of an IZOLA Future Conversation here.


*Please only invest an amount you would feel comfortable losing. Investing in private businesses involves risk. Though potential returns are designed to reflect that risk, there is a possibility that you will lose your entire investment.


Hey folks, it's that time again! We're working hard on creating some amazing new flaves for you and looking forward to coming back strong! Would love it if you could vote for us for Best Bakery and Best Service.


Voting ends this Friday February 23rd - so just under 3 days left to make your voices heard!


Thanks all!


Check out our IG page for the full story on the arrival of our new ovens and proofers from Salva. Salva builds the most beautiful and best- quality ovens out there. We're stoked to be adding their proofers to our lineup as well.


Serving our croissants and sourdough hot-from-the-oven requires an integrated ecosystem:


1) INVENTORY: First, we must have to have the product available to sell. Sounds easy enough right? But when you consider that our croissants and sourdough are 3-4 day process to make and are all crafted by hand, we're then constrained to how much our team can make in a 7 day week. It takes us 7 days a week, 2 shifts a day to make just enough to sell for the 4 days or 20 hours a week we're open. The build of our new Dough Innovation Center in City Heights, IZOLA Main, will help us automate our production so we can increase our production capabilities by 20x!


2) REFRIGERATION: There are also important rest times for both the sourdough and croissant before they can be baked, and that requires both refrigeration and freezer space, all of which we're maxed out on at the moment, but we're working on getting MORE before reopening.


3) PROOFING: For our croissants, they also proof for 4 hours prior to their bake. Up until now we've been using our single automated proofer and proofing everything else manually. With the arrival of our new Salva proofers, we'll have much more control over the proof of the entire bake!


4) OVENS: Because we are baking in smaller batches more frequently to serve everything hot-from-the-oven, it's a challenge keeping pace with demand with our existing single croissant oven and 2 deck ovens. We'll now have 3 croissant ovens and 3 deck ovens! HALLELUJAH!



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