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Inside Seating is Open


We are happy to announce that our socially distanced cafe seating is open. Pre-Order or walk in, pickup your warm sourdough (and croissants!), say hi and chill. Bring a book or laptop. Enjoy.

The light is amazing here. Fast Wifi. And soon, we'll have cappuccinos and hot potion.

Not to worry, the window basket is still going strong if you prefer. (We love it too!)

PRE-ORDERS ARE OPEN! Croissants, Croissants, Croissants. The almond croissant is killing it (and we've been prepping a bunch of them) for this week. Sourdough is looking strong, the uglies and tomato jam smell amazing. Questions? Please call 619-289-8358. HUNGRY?

EXPANDED HOURS & COVID New hours! Noon-6p every Weds-Fri. And as of 3/17, we're in red tier. Yay! That means we can open our indoor seating at 25% capacity. And because of our new red tier status, we are now able to recommend in-bakery counter pickup as well as the window basket. Just call us at 619-289-8358 when you arrive and let us know your preference. And if you are searching for COVID vaccinations, we found a lot of appointments available at CVS pharmacy. Free, quick, professional.

IZOLA CLOSED FOR A WEEK - APRIL 5-9, 2021. Jeffrey is headed up to LA to compete in a network cooking show. Not to worry, you can stock up the week before. All of our bread and pastries freeze very well and we include a "care card" for great re-heating. Wish him well!


3 day process, organic ingredients....yum! WILD, OLIVE, CRANBERRY & SESAME.

NEW UGLY BIT FLAVOR Bourbon Raisin, Basil Hayden's Bourbon to be exact. If your a fan of a boozy finish. Give em a whirl, they won't last long. Bartender, another round!


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