• Jeffrey Lamont Brown

It's bake day! Hot from the oven croissants and sourdough starting at 3pm. Yay! Come inside and order at the counter (see what is coming out of the oven at that moment) or PreOrder below


How do croissants get to from our ovens hot to you? Riki Mistry! How do we hand print all those boxes? Riki Mistry! We are thrilled to welcome Riki Mistry to the IZOLA bakery team as Backroom Producer. He brings a keen intelligence, hustle and humor to this job that calls for tech skills, muscle and creative thinking.

  • Jeffrey Lamont Brown

The full team is back, and we are on fire at IZOLA.

Over the past month, we've persevered through sickness (half our team out at times), equipment malfunctions, online ordering problems, and general mess-ups (mostly mine 🤪). And the thing that has kept me going is the thought of each of you eating a tall, beautiful, flaky croissant hot-from-our-ovens. Thank you friends of IZOLA for your passion and support. And a special thank you to Jenny, who has been a constant force for positivity, innovation and passion. So many exciting things happening.

VALENTINE'S DAY Our homage to love....Chocolate Croissants hot-from-the-oven.....need we say more. Available Weds-Fri for PreOrder and Walk In.


Hot croissants and sourdough available tomorrow, Thursday and Friday! Great news! The team is back at full strength, our full menu is available. PreOrders are available for every day this week. And we will be stocked up for walk-ins. Come see us!


Artisan Baker David White joins the IZOLA family. With more than 3 decades of experience in croissants and sourdough. We're thrilled to have him on the team baking your favorite IZOLA recipes. And I'll be seeing more of each of you now that there are two of us in the kitchen!


  • Jeffrey Lamont Brown

Happy Monday! I'm grateful for the rain.....more coming.

And more good news, after a thorough search that saw nearly 100 applicants, a veteran artisan baker will be joining our team in February. Details coming soon.

It's going to be an amazing week! Thanks to all the friends of IZOLA who stepped up for SEND A SMILE, 45 loaves will be baked and delivered hot from the IZOLA's oven to hungry people in East Village tomorrow (Tuesday). Our friends at Second Sunday will lead the effort to share bread and conversation around the neighborhood. Order by midnight tonight if you'd like donate a loaf for tomorrow's delivery.

Help feed our community!

Hot croissants and sourdough in 2 days! It's a great time to pre-order. Insider tip: we'll probably sell out earlier than usual for the next few weeks. (After months of 7 day work weeks, Jenny and I are going to scale back a bit, until our new artisan baker is up to speed.) It's a marathon. 😉 - Jeffrey

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New ugly bit flavor this week, Peach Thyme! More fruit/croissant forward, lighter on the sugar. What are uglies? We take the "ugly" ends of the croissant dough, roll it with an ever-changing mix of brown sugar, dried fruits, herbs and bake it out in a glass bowl. One of a kind dessert, literally.

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IZOLA Double Wall Stainless Tumbler

At 8oz it feels great in the hand, easy sipping, keeps drinks hot for a good long while. Cute guitar player not included.

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